PI-PUMP 6000+


  • type: piston injection pump
  • maximum pressure: 250 bar
  • flow: ~1l/m
  • weight: 5.8 kg
  • drill drive with speed regulation
  • stepless pressure adjustment
  • Continuous adjustment of the flow rate

The set includes:

  • 4.5 mb high pressure hose (stainless steel)
  • CPX nozzle
  • High-pressure stainless steel valve

545,74 netto

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PI-PUMP 6000+ 

Professional high-pressure injection pump with full and infinitely variable pressure and flow control range.


 Very light pump, simple proven design, easy cleaning. Very cheap to operate. You can set a constant working pressure and only open the valve. In addition, the injection flow can be adjusted by adjusting the drive speed.

The PI-PUMP 6000+ is a piston pump with simple and proven operation.

  • The 2l reservoir is the optimum amount of resin, for those who keep in mind the principle “small amount of mixed resin = always fresh and with lower viscosity, for a better distribution of the grout in the construction”.
  • Flow rate control, and working pressure regulator.For better resin distribution in the crack, PI-PUMP 6000+ allows easy and quick adjustment of the injection in several ways:
  • You can open the valve and, with short presses of the drill switch, inject the injectant to the selected pressure at the selected flow rate (when you have a pressure of, say, 60 BAR it is all the way from the pressure gauge to the end point of spreading in the crack), gently increasing the pressure with another press of the trigger increases the pressure throughout the injected structure. The pressure control valve on the pump, is then used to set the maximum pressure in the construction.
  • We can adjust the speed of the drill to the optimum level so that the flow rate was appropriate for the work carried out (according to the author, slower is better) and set the maximum operating pressure, for example, to 20 Bar and wait for spreading in the crack, then with the pressure regulator on the pump increase the pressure even to 340 BAR!!!  (in most cases 120 – 180 BAR is enough).
  • We can adjust any engine speed (flow rate) and any pressure on the pump regulator, open the valve and inject with constant pressure and flow.
    The pump is not designed to pass water through it


  • Low and high pressure injections:
    • Polyurethane resins
    • Epoxy resins
    • Polyurethane foam resins

Technical specifications

  • maximum pressure: 344 bar
  • flow rate: ~ 1l / min
  • weight: 5.8 kg
  • drill drive with speed regulation
    stepless pressure adjustment


Clean all tools and objects with PI-CLEANER A after each extended break. Ensure that there is good ventilation when cleaning. Read the technical data sheets of the pump and cleaning agent used. After rinsing, use PI-SAVER for maintenance and to protect the pressure gauge:

If you want the pressure gauge to work after the injection is finished, use PI-SAVER oil:

a) pour oil into the pump so that the maximum pressure of the pump can be created, with the valve closed – remember most injection pumps should not run without liquid. The PI-SAVER should reach into the “Bourdon” spring tube space and stay there for the entire injection – if left there the injectate will harden and the pressure gauge will stop working, or stop at “some pressure”.

b) You also have a chance to check if the pump is working properly

c) Drain the oil