Injection pump PI-PUMP 1K



  • type: manual injection pump
  • injection hose 0.5m
  • socket CPX or CPF
  • optionally with pressure gauge
  • Maximum pressure: 400 BAR
  • weight: 1,25 kg
  • capacity: 1 l

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  • type: manual injection pump
  • injection hose 0.5m
  • Attachment CPX (conical nipple) or CPF (flat nipple)
    optionally with or without a manometer
  • maximum pressure: 300 BAR
  • weight: 1,25 kg
  • capacity: 1 l
    Manual injection pump with chemically resistant Teflon seals.

The pump can pump injection resins (polyurethane and epoxy)

Two people must be present during the injection process (only when using the CPX attachment): one person holds the four-jaw end of the pump in a straight line to the injection package and the other person pumps.

When using the CPF cap, there is no need to hold the tip to ensure tightness.

On request, the pump can be re-equipped with a flat cap (need to use flat caps in injection packers, then one person can perform the injection.

Remember to wear safety goggles when injecting.


Cleaning and maintenance

The pump should be cleaned with agents supplied by the resin manufacturers or with PI-CLEANER A (available at our auctions). Thinners like NITRO, ACETON have a negative effect on sealants. After completion of work, PI-SAVER should be used for maintenance.

As the pump has a pressure gauge you probably want it to work after the injection is finished, use PI-SAVER oil:

(a) pour the oil into the pump so that you can create the maximum pressure of the pump (e.g., put it on the pacer with the calipers screwed in on both sides), and remember that most injection pumps should not go without liquid. The PI-SAVER should reach into the space of the “Bourdon” spring tube and stay there for the entire injection – if left there the injectate will harden and the pressure gauge will stop working, or stop at “some pressure”.

b) You also have a chance to check if the pump is working properly

c) Drain the oil. The pump is preserved and ready for use.

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