• stainless stel / anodized aluminium
  • maximum pressure: 250 bar
  • weight: 2,97 kg
  • 1/4′ BSP
  • outlet m10x1

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  • stainless steel / aluminum
  • maximum pressure: 250 bar
  • weight: 2.97 kg
  • input 1/4 BSP
  • outlet m10x1


  • 4 pcs. spare o-rings for check valves
  • high-pressure injection tip m10x1
  • 4-jaw attachment CPX
  • flat cap CPF
  • Mixer section extension


  • Lighter valve operation under pressure
  • Increased flow and improved tightness by switching from ball check valves to our float system with stainless steel O-ring
  • Technical channels allow easy cleaning
  • Due to the increased tightness of the check valves and their installation directly behind the ball valves, the head itself clogs less frequently
  • the head can be regenerated/serviced and has full spare parts availability
  • has an ergonomic grip, and by reducing the weight to a maximum increases comfort of work


Allows separate flushing of each channel. Made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum for durability and years of use. Simple design for quick cleaning. Reduced weight and ergonomic handle provide a comfortable position while working. Very attractive price and full service and spare parts.

The Hammpack 2K and 3K system achieves an exceptionally tight valve-to-valve system through the use of high-flow float valves and by forcibly sealing each fluid separately in a swirling motion. The problem of fluid flow between channels (different densities, pressures and flow rates) is eliminated in the Hammpack heads.