Injection Packer PI-SPH 14/110

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Injection packer ideally suited for Ø14 injection holes. Whether injecting in soft brick or hard reinforced concrete, it enters and piles up perfectly in any Ø14 hole.
The pacer is able to withstand ultra-high pressures every time.

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  • increase the effectiveness of anchoring the packer in the hole by adjusting the diameters and bulges on the upper part of the expansion rubber, this facilitates adhesion and correct anchoring (this allows for significant acceleration of packer installation and increased tightness)
  • Increased strength and repeatability of expanding rubbers, adaptation of the rubber mixture and the cooling process (through temperature control), makes the injector resistant to rubber tearing, and rubber falling out of the pads.


  • Polyurethane injection resins / polyurethane foam resins
  • Epoxy resins
  • Silicates
  • Water dispersions
  • Acrylic Gels
  • Cementitious lutes up to a grain size of 0.5 mm


  • material: steel
  • diameter of injection hole: Ø14
  • length: 110 mm
  • Seal length: 39 mm
  • Keyed: 10 mm
  • single seal
  • highest tightness
  • Nipple SWG, PRE, FWG, FPRE
HAMMPACK Nipples – are specialized valves able to hold and deliver the injection without the slightest loss in material (whether it is a very low viscosity injection resin, or acrylic gel. or highly foamable polyurethane resin). They exemplarily maintain back pressures. In a word, they don’t leak.
Nipples SWG i PRE – are nipples mechanically screwed onto the injection packer, together with a layer of anaerobic glue. This combination ensures an exemplary tightness of the threaded connection.
Nipples type PRE, FPRE – preapplied threads of calamiters, which allow to tighten the nipples after resin flow out of the packer, in order to vent and control injection. The preapplication layer immediately seals the threaded joint, ready for further injection. This type of nipple is supplied untightened to the injector.

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