InjectCream 5L


  • effectiveness in structures with moisture levels up to 95%
  • cuts off capillary rise of water
  • Quick and easy application by pressure and non-pressure methods
  • does not adversely affect water vapor permeability
  • perfectly and deeply penetrates the substrate
  • ready to use
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    Areas of application

    • indoor and outdoor horizontal injection
    • brick / clinker / concrete blocks / stone masonry / hollow block

    Directions for use

    • Drill into the lowest weld
    • Suggested diameter of the injection hole is ⌀12 – 14mm
    • Well perpendicular to the wall “horizontal”
    • The depth of the borehole is the thickness of the wall minus 2 – 4cm
    • Boreholes every 10cm
    • For low-absorbency masonry, we suggest a double row injection (8-10cm row above with horizontal offset).
    • Blow out the holes with compressed air
    • The material should be injected with a hand/pneumatic pump using a spigot (tubing with a diameter of ⌀10 – 12mm and a length of bore). Enter the tube to the full depth of the borehole and, while injecting the cream, pull it out slowly until the borehole is fully and evenly filled (this way you level the air cushion that would be created by injecting the cream with pressure).
    • After filling the hole, close the hole with ResinBau CrackOn.5 mortar and level the surface