injection packers


Repair of cracks and fissures in concrete and brickwork by injection of injection resin under pressure


Waterproofing of expansion joints and work gaps, masonry structures, reservoirs, against seepage water


Sealing of elevator shafts, tunnels, ducts with acrylic gels creating a waterproof barrier from the ground


High-pressure injection to saturate building structures (silicates, injection resin, acrylic gel)

Injection packers (injectors, injection packers, injection valves) – are used for construction injection. They are actually check valves in the structure of the building being injected. If you have a problem with leaking nipples, not withstanding the pressure of thin foam, or back pressure of injectant, or poor quality of injector seals, it is time to switch to HAMMPACK packers, or our professional line packers.


HAMMPACK STEEL Packers are top quality packers for all types of injections. Special rubber mixture and high precision of cutting cause the highest tightness of injection and much easier anchoring. 
Packers provide exemplary tightness of all nipples, in high and low pressure injection.

Metal Packers

Steel and aluminium injection packers, day packers and bonded injectors.
Professional line with high quality SWG and PRE nipple (ensure perfect tightness of nipples and very good anchoring).

Plastic Packers

Push-in plastic packers, ideal for low-pressure work (for pressures below 60 BAR). Low valve opening pressure (gravity valves). Packers are suitable for structural saturation as well as curtain injections.

Cement packers

Packers for cement suspensions and others. High throughput allows to pump various masses and media.

Economy Packers

Economy packers with ECO budget nipples mechanically tightened. This nipple is suitable for all types of injectors, where there is no back pressure and no high pressures and flow rates.