Success should be built primarily on customer trust and satisfaction. You should listen to their comments and constantly improve products.

Verification of quality and services provided

Orders processed in the shortest possible time

Full technical support at every stage of work

Individual production for specific customer requirements

Always at your service


PAKERY.PL is a dynamically developing brand with products of the highest quality, clear innovation and affordable price. Our products have been appreciated by many professionals in Poland and in most European countries.

We have two lines of pacers: economy line, that is products of slightly lower quality at a very good price, and professional line, directed to the most demanding contractors.

In 2021 we became an official distributor of Hammpack brand – injection products with the highest technical and usage parameters.

In line with our company values, we strive to establish long-term partnerships with our customers to help them achieve success by providing efficient and reliable tools and showing them how to carry out injection works more effectively.

 We are aware that success must be built on trust and customer satisfaction. We listen to their comments and constantly improve our products.


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