wood injection


Preventing penetration of corrosive agents


Multiple application and injector masking possible


Packers 6.5 allow resin to be injected under the tiles (6mm bore)

Wood injection method is one of the most effective and safest methods of getting rid of wood pests.

There is no need to gas the facilities with highly toxic gases. 

It has three advantages:

1. destroys all molds found in wood

2. perfectly impregnates and protects against re-emergence

3. the treatment can easily be repeated if necessary

Wood packers have a small diameter (injection hole 6mm).

This allows them to be used for e.g:

– sub-tile injection – i.e. filling voids in the floor (the small hole diameter allows

to drill between tiles into the grout. – Their use in places where we have thin-walled elements, not exceeding the working pressure 20 BAR